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oh man, another school yr.. BRING IT ON MAN!!! BOO YA...lol
This summer for me has gone by so fast. This friday/saturday im going to the movies with some friends. I dont know wut were going to see. The guys want to see some thing scary, the chicks dont.. I dont really care wut we see. Than were going to go grab something to eat. Than hang out at the park till like 1am.. Water billoon fite.. swwweeettt.....lol I cant wait. you know what its to early for me. im going back to bed. peace

blonde jokes

I have a blonde joke. If your a blonde, im sorry if i afend you.

ok, this blonde was coming out to her mail box, her husband was moeing the lawn. She got to her mail box opend it than shout it, saying, "stupid computer". So her husband asks, "whats wronge?" Which she reaplies, "oh, nothing, just that my computer say I got mail, but when I come to the mail box theres no mail.

hehehe ahahaha heehehe ahahaha.
ok heres another one.

ok this blonde bot a puzle, well when see got home she started on the puzle. one hour went by, two hours went by, and see still hadnt got one single peace of the puzle together. So she called her boyfriend asking him to come over and help her. When you boyfriend got there he looked at the peaces than at the box, than back at the peace, back at the box. Ok first of all put the corn flakes back in the back, than put the cereal box in the cabnet dear..
hhehehehehe ahhahaha ahahahahah hahaha eheheheh,
ok thats all the jokes for me today.
untell next time, Im singing off.
ps. does any come to my journal?

wud uppppp

wud up you all,,

hey I have a webpage/site wut ever.. well check it out and tell me wut you think, email me at may200364@hotmail.com
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sign gestbook, and go to cool games, chat I guess.. and see cool pix. oh ya send in some pix you want to see on it. and ill put it on my website..

please go check it out.. for me.....
sign the guest book to.. give me ideas of wut to do to make it more cooler,

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Blinded by fate

I cant see,
Who I am anymore,
This shouldnt be,
Cant you see,
My love for you,
Is plainly true,
Cant you see,
The lose of you,
Is truly who,
I wont cry,
Or even say good bye,
For in the end,
Will be together again,
I cant see,
who I am anymore,
For with out you,
Im plainly just who.
the end

In memorie of my big sis, Amber. Ill always love you.
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Life is often taken for grantd,
Unnoticing the inprtant things,
living as if tomorrow will come,
trying to fly without wings,
Life is a sacred thing,
It only comes around one time,
Cherish it now,
In the end it will be devine,
Give to those who give to you,
Love those who love you,
Open your eyes and your heart,
If you are tue,
and enerous to all,
Everyone will remember you,
for you are the compassionate person,
The one with the loving soul,
Everyone will go on with your stories,
That will forever be told!
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Loving you is like breathing how do i stop.

I miss you when you a far far away.
I miss you at night far more than at day.
But when I look up at the sky.
And guess what I see.
Your face in the stars looking down at me.

Three thousand miles over the sea.
Its just a hart beat between you and me.
So shen you fill low and I cant be there.
Look up to the sky, and there ill be.

the end
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fiction book worm

Reading isn't something I love to do, but the truth is I actually enjoy it. I do love to wright myself. I realy admire a wrighters pashionts and how they can wright for a long time, the way they can just come up with things, and the ability to make you fill a surtion way. Just to be able to step into a new world, a world of mistrif, beatrale, love, and heroic hero and so so much more.I do, oh I do love to get lost in a grand book. Just wondering whsts going to happen next. Its as if the writer puts a spell on the book, that makes you dred to put it down.
I hate to brag but i do have some books of my self, they will(hopefully) be published some time in my 11 grade year. These books are:

Dreams of a dreamer.
How I lost my first love.
Gogo Raven.
His eyes as a sene of ice.

And a poetry book.
Do I want to be a writer, no. Its just a hobbie of mine.
dont cry its time for me to go.
bye nina
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A poem by nina mae.

"My life as me"

Just the way I see,
Its magical as can be,
The world as we all know,
To me,
Is not like the dark crow,
But is as peaceful as a swaying tree,
Nice and sweet as can be,
Giving prays to the lord,
With the holy sword,
I've seen, been, and done,
And while doing all that,
I must say i've had fun,
My life as me,
Is far from a tree,
For I love to move around,
As you have come to found,
My life as me,
As you can see,
Is as it should be,
By the grace of god.

The end.

I know its not my best work. but it will do.
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Suicide yesturday, choosing life today.

Dear reader,
Life is so wonderful and can be kick ass cool, but yet it can really suck.

Did you know every second one person dies of eather murder or of natrual cazz's?
Did you also know that every 3 min, some one kills them selfs?
Or that every 4 min someone over doases eather on purpes or not?

Ok, maybe you did know all of this. But did you know every 2 mins, a child is abused by a loved one or gardean?
ok, you might of known that to. Did you know that every one knows at least one person that is suicidle. You might know they are or you might not know that they are.
Lets just say you knew that to, ok.
BUT!!!! Did you know that you know at least two of every ones friends have been mulested as a kid?

Let talk about suicide. Just about every one has thought of this. But those who actually go through with it, miss out on the following:
1) Getting married.
2) Joys of having kids.
3) Making new goals.
4) Seeing the sunset in the morning or at night.
5) and so so so much more.

Ok, lets talk about friends. If you had a friend cracking jokes about killing them selfs, talk to them, or tell some one. Cuz if you start seeing changes in a friend such as talking about suicide, not eating, lack of sleep, getting angrea easy, putting them selfs down a lot. well please talk to them about it.

Why? You say. Well, a friend of mine killed him self on last 4th of July (2005), by an overdose. Ya he talked about over dosing and death all the time I didnt think about it as much as I do know. Sence his death I often find my self crying my self to sleep. I blame my self about his death. Because if I just told some one or talked to him, just maybe. Is it my falt? Why did'nt I do anything? If at the time I knew all that talk was a cry for help, just maybe he would be alive.

Suicide. I was want suicidle. People, friends that know me see me as a verry joyfull person, well I am joyfull. I love to laugh, knowing that each an devery day has a new tasck for me to do. If people new what I've been through in my life time, they would be so shocked. I've been sexually abused, fisicly abused, and motionly abused. By who?? When I was 8, sexually: by a baby sitter, which is in jail now. fisicly and motionly: by my father. My mom and dad or divorst now. But still the mimorie remanes. But NO, I will not let all that stop me from living out my life. My life, has many wonders to see and in joy... I want to visit many places on this earth, such as:
Japan, Landon, Paris, Gemany, Mexico- I wont go to mexico alone though. And to florida for a summer and california. I guess i want to travel.
It would be so cool to work in an anime animation studeo. eather in japan or america eather would do for me, just as long as im doing what I love.

If you have any comment or questions about what to do if one of your friends is starting any of these habbits, please write me, leave and anonymous comment.

well, Ill write later. love yours truly....
me...lol... ninamae
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Hey souske,
ya, well i broke up with josh today, and i read a story buy Lemon, and i wrote a story back. lol. when i first came to live journal i didnt know of all that i could do.. i just thought it was a journal. today i actually spent time exploring to site..coooooolllll!!!!!!!!!! hehe. well i guess ill let you go.
dear reader,,, join my comunity please.. kanome_ninamae